Two Birds with One Stone or is it Three birds

I have been taking a cardio kickboxing class for the past two months and I have have gotten a lot more out of the class then I thought I would. My goal for starting the class was to get in to shape and the class has surpassed that goal. After every class I am exhausted and a different muscle hurts every morning from the previous evening class.  But the surprise is that I am also learning to fight. Now I am not planning on fighting anyone but learning to do so allows me to feel better prepared of I ever have to use those skills. The third advantage that I am getting out of this class is that I am creating relationships with people that I would never have met if I did not take this class and the more positive relationship a person has in their life the more fulfilling life they will have.

Now this just a theory of mine and I could be wrong because I lucked out and found a great class right of the bat. But when you are looking for a kickboxing class I would look for a mixed martial arts gym. That is where the fighters are going to be and they will always be looking for a way to bring in some extra revenue. I would stay way from the big box gyms because I would think their classes would be more cardio then kickboxing. I bet the best question to ask is does the class punch and kick bags and pads or do they just kick air.

Until next time remember always be preparing for the next because you do not know what the next will be.


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