A True Everyday Carry



This is what I carry with me most of my waking hours. There are times and a situation when it is impossible to carry these things but for the most part this is what I have. When I say a true EDC, what I mean is, this is really what I carry you can look and see the ware marks scuffs and dirt on my items. Unlike other pictures where someone went out just purchased their EDC at the store, just to take a picture.

Lets look at what I carry, first the flash lights, the main one that I use is the stream light stylus pro, I have tried a pen light but it was not bright enough, where the stylus pro is plenty bright enough for almost any situation. The other flash light I have attached to my key chain, it is a cheap Chinese push and hold LED light. Personally I am surprised it has not broken or fell off yet but it has been handy little light. The next item is my knife; I carry Gerber EVO Combo Edge Mid-Size Tanto Knife for my everyday use. Is this the best type of knife to use? I do not know but I like how it looks

ts in my pocket. The next item that I carry all the time is a Leatherman Fuse, I personally don’t care what type of multi-tool and what model a person carries but I think everyone should have one. I like Leatherman and I really like the scissors option on mine so that is what I carry.

Now for the key chain, the one item that has the most uses attached to it. Of course keys are the ring along with the flashlight that I already talked about. But there is a fire striker, Para-cord for cordage and lastly the cure all duct tape on a loop of Para-cord. The last item that I carry all the time is my phone which is a Samsung smart phone and I feel totally naked when I do not have it on me. The last item that I carry with me when I can is my Sig Sauer P938 with an inside the waistband holster. Lastly I always have my smart phone;a smart phone has come in handy

Now there are few items that I am still working on to add to my EDC, the first one is a high quality personal defense knife. I have tried a few but have not found the one I that is comfortable for a all day carry. The next item that I am looking in to is a holster for my spare magazine when I concealed carry. Lastly, I really need a good pepper spray and holster when I am carrying my sig. The reason I need this is because I would rather pepper spray someone then shoot them. Just think what the outcome would have been if Zimmerman was carrying pepper spray.

These are the items that I carry everyday and for the most part these items will allow me to take care of my everyday needs and most emergencies. Now I am not saying that this list is the best and you should carry these items. This is what I carry right now when I find something else that works better for me I will let you know. Until next time keep improving yourself, your skills, your equipment and your life.


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