It is time

I have run three warrior dashes,  tough mudders and 6 spartan races inculding the trifeta last year. I did all these races while being fat. The lowest weight before a race was 243 last April for the Las Vegas super spartan. Yesterday, I ran a warrior dash with my family and I weighted in at 265 and with 35% body fat. With that being said i can say that i was not out of shape, there were plenty of time that I would pass other runners that were a lot skinnier then me. You might be wondering why I am telling you this? The reason, I am tired of being fat and my eat anything lifestyle for the last twenty years has cought up to me, I have been recently told by my doctor that I am diabetic  with type two. It is time for a change, NOW! 


Lose 5 pounds a month for the next 12months to a weight around 200 pounds

Get my blood sugar under control.

Run a warrior dash, 2 tough mudders, earn the spartan race trifecta and finally run the Worlds Toughest Mudder for 2016.

Complete the Murphy WOD on Memorial day under 45 minutes

Compete in the crossfit open games 


Well that will be my next post. Thanks for reading and keep preparing for the next, what ever the next may be.


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